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A little information about me

Stephen Ramotowski in sunny Spain

My name is Stephen Ramotowski, yes it’s quite a long surname I know.

I’ve been working in Digital Marketing Consultancy/Affiliate Marketing for quite some time now.

After graduating university, many of my friends got full-time graduate jobs (sounds great right, not so much) and after a few months, I slowly saw the pressure amount to emotional stress and unhappiness. Now, I would have got a full-time graduate job also, but I had to have a double knee osteotomy (ouch) which meant I couldn’t walk for 2/3 months, one could say it was a blessing in disguise.

Why was this? Because I gained so much knowledge and I had time to fail. Nothing goes right the first time, persistence is key.

So I managed to gain enough knowledge and confidence in my marketing ability over these three months, that I made $1000 from 3 sales of a single product.

Now how will this help you?

Well, Digital Marketing is universal, it doesnt matter what industry you are in, by effectively marketing your products and services online, you WILL make more sales. With that

With that being said, it doesnt matter if you’re a Personal Trainer, Marketing Agency, Small Business owner to a Builder… The information we discuss on Entrepreneur-lifestyle.com can help turn

The information we discuss on Entrepreneur-lifestyle.com can help turn anyone’s business into a slick, 6 figure profit-making machine. All it takes is a little time and dedication.

Oh and some faith, don’t give up!

So what’s the first step

Well that depends on your skill level. But if you’re a complete beginner I suggest that you do two things

  • Sign up for my newsletter – That way I can give you a stream of useful information and products that will help make your first steps as easy as possible.
  • Sign up for a learning course like ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ (this is where I learnt a lot initially), it shows you the absolute basics, from setting up a website, to featuring affiliate products on it (It’s free to join)

After all, if you can learn the process to sell someone else’s products, you know how to sell your own.

Being perfectly honest, I wanted to create a platform that not only shows people how to create more financial freedom for themselves, but does so in a realistic manner. It isn’t a one-click fix. But it’s not as hard as you think.

Entrepreneur-Lifestyle will feature information, tips and new exciting products/services relating to all areas of digital marketing… These are segmented in the Menu (up top). Whether you want to do Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Boost your own product sales, this website will help make this process a whole lot easier.

Now I will be working on a weekly blog, which will be featured here [….]

As mentioned before, I want this to be a positive, helpful website which will give you the confidence to strive for your dreams… Let’s work hard. Together.

Kind Regards

Stephen Ramotowski

P.S  Don’t hesitate to get in touch, whether that be via my email Stephen@Entrepreneur-lifestyle.com or through Facebook.